The convincing calculation of the innovative FM Approved Electronic Foam Proportioner

Broaden your vision from realisation to results with the WB Firepacks Electronic Foam Proportioner (EFP), a unique foam proportioning system. This innovative proportioning machinery will help you economise on the mandatory annual NFPA tests. Truly efficient firefighting all starts with a reliable system and utmost accuracy.

  • Proportioning accuracy of 0,1% around the required mixing ratio.

  • Proportioning accuracy is maintained regardless of temperature or viscosity of the foam concentrate.

  • Rapid response time of 30 seconds or less to become operational and reach the required proportioning ratio.

  • No loss of pressure in the water system.

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The EFP is FM Approved

Factory Mutual (FM) has given its approval to the innovative WB Firepacks Electronic Foam Proportioner (EFP®).

Electronic foam proportioning

In the consumer’s interest

Having the consumer’s interest at heart is thinking long-term; a solution with a lasting relationship at its core also yields the highest returns. With the EFP you show what is important to you, namely to deal with resources and execution as efficiently as possible. That signal is perhaps the greatest added value that you can offer with the EFP.

Reliable in accuracy

Its electronic measuring technology makes the EFP above average in accuracy when compared to traditional bladder tanks for example. It is this accuracy which makes the fire installation much more reliable. Bringing in the EFP means bringing in the most modern proportioning technology, ensuring that your proportioning installation meets every norm, now and in the future.


Keeping NFPA test costs in check

With the EFP, you keep the obligatory annual NFPA test costs manageable. The testing requirements, along with other systems, rests heavily on the shoulders of the end user. Especially the enormous amounts of foam that are lost and the costs of cleaning up run high. The EFP controls foam use during these tests by keeping it within the bounds of a closed circuit.

Innovation through practice

The EFP is a flawless combination of practice and the drawing-board. Years of experience from WB Firepacks in combination with the insights of our installation partners made this innovation possible and makes the system contemporary as well as reliable and easy to install.

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Let us do the math!

Need the clever mathematics of the EFP for one of your projects? Let us do the maths for you. Contact us free of obligations, call us at +31 (0)78 623 1500 or leave us your contact information and we will get back to you.

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